Australian Government Scholarship Scheme For International Students (Africans And Asians) 2019

The Government of Australia recently announced its scholarship program for African / Asian developed countries. The scholarship scheme complies with United Nations standards to provide quality education for human resources building in developing continents.

The United Nations has encouraged other countries to follow the steps set by the Australian Government to help achieve the Vision 2020 Vision for Human Resource Development through quality and good education. A vision that seems difficult to achieve because of the lack of funding by most countries in need of a good education, which brings the need for a scholarship program to help students study in a different part of the word on education, healthcare and free housing. .

Speaking to reporters on the occasion of the opening of the scholarship portal, Australian Prime Minister Scott John Morrison confirmed that the student selection process would be very transparent and that anyone who deserved it would certainly receive a free scholarship.

The Prime Minister also advises applicants to be good conduct and be prepared to learn because they will ensure that they receive world-class education under the scholarship program.
Africans are advised to always remember their home while in the scholarship and never to participate in criminal activities that may make them lose their scholarship.

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Degree: BA, MA and PhD

Each applicant must meet the following requirements:

• Applicants must be at least 18 years of age

• Applicant must be from any African and Asian countries

• Applicants should not have a record of any kind of crime because this would lead to automatic exclusion from the scholarship scheme

• Applicants must obtain the original for the basic examination subjects from the previous school.

• Applicants must be willing and willing to comply with schools, rules and regulations of all countries.

• The applicant must be prepared to study at any of the accredited universities without distinction of any kind.

The applicant is also advised to complete the scholarship form with its accurate information to avoid its rejection and ban from any part of any scholarship program in the future.

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Eligible countries
All African and Asian applicants are well qualified for this scholarship scheme and are advised to take advantage of the good opportunities for the good and the good of the African continent.
More than 8,000 African and Asian people will be selected for this scholarship program, Australian Education Minister Dr. Dan Tihan announced today. Successful students will study at their chosen university across Australia and Europe. All applicants are advised to choose their preferred school when completing the scholarship form.

At least two university options must be selected to enhance the selection process and ensure that the majority of applicants receive scholarships and study at their chioce school.
UN Education Director Dr. Irina Bokova confirmed that the United Nations was committed to participating in the scholarship program through the selection process to promote transparency and educational governance of the law.

While thanking African and Asian countries for their scholarship program, Australia appeals to other developed countries to come to help build human resources by providing a high-quality grant program and promoting its rich culture.

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Application method.

Applicants who meet the above requirements are required to complete the Scholarship Form through the Scholarship Plan link in this blog.

The Australian grant covers free, free education, free housing and an annual amount of $ 4,200 for student maintenance.

Submission Procedures
How to apply: Apply through the website link.

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