Top 20 Canada’s Most High Demand Jobs

Migrants are known to be able to move more quickly when working with any technology company that requires thirty-two companies according to British Columbia. However, it is known that each week, the program sends a special invitation to different candidates but in the following categories listed below

Top 20 jobs in Canada most requested

Healthcare professionals
Skilled workers
International university graduates
International Graduates
Entry level workers
A pool is made to select qualified candidates from among the many candidates selected on the shortlist. Qualified candidates selected still need to meet the basic requirements of immigration in British Columbia who insist that they either have a job offer from a reputable company or that Hire them in a moment.

Top 20 Canada’s Most High Demand Jobs

BC PNP Tech Pilot provides employers with access to a range of services that in turn puts them in line with the streamlined application of potential employees and potential employees in any of the selected jobs.

In order to meet the increasing demands of employers, BC PNP tech was commissioned to recruit skilled workers in British Columbia and some PNP BC pilot programs include;

Improved concierge service for each employer
A weekly invitation is sent to each candidate
Easy access to immigration information
Employers access to qualified persons
BC PNP Trusted Technology Team
Immigration address priority candidates
Participation and networking center
Next business day task
One-on-one employer services and BCP PN sessions


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