Which Cars/Motors Have The Cheapest Insurance Rates?

Many people come out and choose a car to buy depends only on a range of factors, such as the way they look, safety assessments, engine power, handling, perceived quality, and of course price. However, a handful of buyers interested in cost and caution are thinking a bit in the future, taking into account factors such as maintenance costs and the cost of auto insurance.

One way to find out the cost of insurance for each car model you’re considering buying is simply calling your insurance agent and chattering off your model list. However, this will take a long time and also means that you’ll continue to go back to asking for more information if you get new ideas about the car model later on.

The best way to shop for a car with future insurance premiums is to understand the factors involved in how insurers calculate premiums based on differences in car models.

If you’re looking for car models at the lowest insurance price, know these five factors that affect car insurance rates:

1. Low Cost equals Low Insurance Premium:
Start by understanding this simple rule: cars that cost less to buy tend to be less expensive to insure. So, while the price of the model you’re considering will affect the amount you pay for monthly car payments, it also affects the amount you pay for insurance.

2. Degree of driving pleasure:
Your insurance premiums will also be kept as low as possible if you find an unknown vehicle to be fun driving. The more the car is built to be fun driving, the higher the prices. Seems like the trick of the insurance industry cruel? This basic rule already contains some reasonable grounds. Cars that have greater horsepower and sports commentary will be more difficult and more dangerous on average. Consider the risk factor in a pickup truck versus Porsche.

3. About the average person driving the car:
Insurers keep tabs on what looks like the average engine for each model. It is based partly on this file. What drives costs is features with factors such as driving direction during peak hours of mobility, driving at night, and driving strongly.

4. Car classified as hand car thefts:
Quite simply, the cars that are stolen are often more expensive to insure. This is logical, of course: the insurance company expects that there is a greater possibility of theft of your vehicle if you purchase a stolen form frequently. That means bigger dollar signs for your premiums.

5. Safety record and features:
Cars with a better safety record and more safety features pose the risk of claiming less medical bills normally, and this will result in the lowest auto insurance premium for you to pay.

Keep these five factors in mind when searching for the car at the lowest insurance rate for teenagers.

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